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High Standards, Quality Fabrics Used and Custom Tailoring

Special sew

Oilemaperla is a private workshop where each piece is meticulously handcrafted by carefully selected materials and experienced tailors. For us, quality is not just a standard but also a passion. The basic principle of our organization is to handle every detail carefully and provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.

We don't just produce clothes, we also offer a lifestyle. While our designs, which combine elegance and originality, highlight your personal style and uniqueness, we also respect nature with our environmentally friendly production principles.

Custom design

Step into Oilemaperla to find your dream designs, feel special and be a part of a unique style. We are happy to welcome you in a world where fashion, elegance and design meet.


With an environmentally friendly approach, Oilemaperla allows you to find the designs of your dreams, feel special and be a part of a unique style. We are happy to welcome you to a world where fashion meets environmentally friendly production principles. We offer aesthetic and quality products using sustainable materials, without harming the nature. By bringing together fashion and environmental awareness, we are taking steps for a beautiful and conscious future.

Our Trendyol Store

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